Deliver results – despite COVID19


The current situation with the Corona virus (COVID19) is causing disruption to businesses worldwide. You, your family, and company staff are hopefully not affected?!

We, at QuantoLux, are ready to support you throughout this difficult time. After a few delays and hickups in our global supply chain, we are fully operational again!

With all necessary precautions we provide full support to our end-users, online and live! For service requests, please contact your local QuantoLux service partner or inquire at !

Visit QuantoLux?

Want to visit QuantoLux? You are most welcome to do so! However, you need to follow our hygiene concept striving to protect you and others. In public areas of the building you need to wear mask. Desinfectant is available at the entrance gate. Your contact details will be stored for traceability for a period of four weeks. All data will be handled in strict compliance with GDPR.

Need information about products, services or applications?

Please contact your local QuantoLux representative to discuss your requirements. To get in touch with us directly, please fill and submit our contact form with the button below.

We are also offering various webinars, as well as on-demand and virtual product demos.

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We continue to deliver results !