Introducing AlloyChecker_mini – elevating PMI to the next level

AlloyChecker mini

A new instrument for fast alloy identification in quality control applications. With AlloyChecker mini we introduce a new testing device for the metal-processing industries. As a true non-destructive method (NDT) it tests a piece of metal in a second without leaving a trace.

The underlying technology is a new form of magnetic spectroscopy. Special magnetic pulses are applied to the sample and the resulting spectroscopic fingerprint is evaluated. Artifical intelligence algorithms are used to identify the spectrum within an ever growing database. Machine learning continuously increases the amount of applications that the unit can be applied to.

The small mouse-like device is super-light with only 185 grams and is operated by an Android smartphone or tablet. The actual measurement process is very simple, without any button or function calls. The result is visible within a second.

Visit our booth during METAV in Düsseldorf (H6-F10) or contact us to learn more about this breath-taking technology that will revolutionize metal testing.

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