QuantoLux at Control

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Introducing new laser OES to the world

In April 2018 QuantoLux participated in the German quality-control exhibition CONTROL 2018 in Stuttgart. They shared their booth with the English spark spectrometer manufacturer ARUN Technology.
“Control is a nice venue for our market entry”, explains Andreas Kunz, “Its international appeal is a good opportunity for us to find distribution partners in Europe.”

Quantolux showed two of their three products on the show. The QLX3 is a benchtop OES for metal analysis and more. With its laser excitation and many other innovations it offers multiple benefits for applications in every single step of the metal lifecycle. Its capabilities exceed in many aspects what a classical spark spectrometer can do and some use cases even reach into typical XRF applications. The higher-end model QLX5 was not on exhibit, but offers an even more versatile and powerful plasma generator and a wider spectral range so that even ultra-UV applications can be covered.

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