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OES has been the preferred method in metals analysis for decades. And lasers are used in analytical applications since 1964 already! QuantoLux takes pride in its expertise and technologies that have a successful, proven track record.

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Analytical instruments packed with great features & benefits


sample stage 1 mm aperture


multi-optics with CMOS


Class 1 Laser


Laser-on indicator


ultra-hi res optics


hi-power Laser

The QLX product line is a portfolio of stationary benchtop system as well as portable instruments. All Instruments in this line feature our proprietary laser excitation system as well as latest state-of-the art CMOS detectors for improved performance.

Laser-OES offers many benefits and allows to easily handle applications that you never thought possible on your spark spectrometer. All that with less sample prep, shorter measurement times, neglectable Argon consumption, and zero maintenance.

Join the future of OES !

Can’t get enough?
Here are even more value-packed features!

  • Practical and modern Design
  • Sample stage with 1mm excitation aperture
  • LED Laser indicator
  • Touch screen controller (option)
  • integrated Argon reservoir (option)
  • hi-res multi-optic system with CMOS detectors
  • Class 1 Q-switch laser
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Work modes Analysis, PMI, Sort
  • Analyses modes with and without Argon
  • Ultra-low Argon consumption, zero in Ar-free apps
  • lowest TCO, very quick ROI
  • ready for metal and non-metal apps
  • multi-matrix support
  • multi-user, multi-language, user profiles
  • various online services support your instrument
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • pre-populated Grade Library

A growing library of all-you-need matrix calibrations

We are continuously extending our portfolio of  existing standard applications. Focussing on metal applications first, we cover all ferrous and non-ferrous alloy groups not only with their alloying elements, but with many accompanying elements and traces.

Our application team is also prepared to create custom calibrations for your special needs.

Published calibrations are available in our analytical app store for download and activation.

QLX 4.0 – Just great Software:
Best-in-class User Interface !


Action bar: start/stop a measurement, output or share results


Main bar: choose profile, start analysis mode, configure settings


Result area: see individual results, averages, statistics, grade limits and coloured highlights


Bottom bar: select matrix and calibration, results & work mode (Analysis, PMI, Sort)

QLX 4.0 is a beautiful software and a pleasure to work with. Routine operation with start/stop buttons, auto-average and share functions are just as simple as on your smartphone.

Different user profiles allow to tailor the available functions to individual requirements.

Result display can be setup to your needs with element names, order, decimals, and units. Grade limits can be shown to highlight deviations. Formula expressions may also be defined.
Auto- and dynamic settings reduce your setup work and automatic programme selection ensures that you are always in the right analytical method.

The new workflow generator allows to create your analytical process with the necessary steps. QLX 4.0 will then guide the operator through this process ensuring that nothing is missed.

Several online services enable you to communicate with your customers, retrieve results, download grade specifications, or obtain support from QuantoLux customer service.

The QuantoLux app store offers calibrations for download adding flexibility to your analytical expertise.

All the functionality you need and the comfort & flexibility you deserve – Welcome to the future of OES.

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